January 18 2014, 6pm

and so I’ve decided…

 photo Smiles.gif I’m going to try and post more things not sure what but I’ll do my best! This time I’m going to be using Tiggies. Tiggies are these tiger smilies from a game called Perfect World Intentional (some may heard it some may not). I usually spend half my time (or most depending if I have free time or too much free time) just playing on there rather then being on all my social media accounts; Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Hopefully these fella brings out a cheery look to my semi non-active but. photo Surrender.gif 

Until I can figure out something… enjoy a bit of Perfect World! This is a picture of my Barbarian Panda name PockyPocky. photo Blush.gif

He is wearing 2011 fashion for male that is very adorable. I wish I could have it forever but this is temperately in the new starting area where you basically collect metals to obtain fashion, flyer, mount, and pets.

For extra:

This is the 2011 fashion for the female! This is my Psychic, MochaFrappe! 

 photo Victory.gif Well that is all for now~ 

January 18 2014, 5pm

02. Tik Tak by ClariS || Times played:50

I love ClariS! TiggiesEvery.Single.Of.Their.Song, not because they sing for Puella Magi Madoka Magic or Oremio, because they are very harmonize duos after all. 

This song is very catchy and I love it to bits as much as the others! But this one is the one I’m contently listening to at the moment! Tiggies

January 18 2014, 4pm

*breathes heavy maintaining proper manner*I-I am so not trying to spoil the rest at the bottom but some people HAVE seen most of the RAWs. I’m very excited to read the rest soon!

*breathes heavy maintaining proper manner*
I-I am so not trying to spoil the rest at the bottom but some people HAVE seen most of the RAWs. I’m very excited to read the rest soon!

January 18 2014, 3am

This pretty much sums up what happened today >.> whoops… can’t even rely on a friend who also didn’t do it, lol! We are so responsible!! :D

December 25 2013, 9am

Meri Kurisumasu!!


Merry Christmas all! For my presents I got myself the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Rebellion OST along with some important needs pocky… pocky… pocky… uhm… socks and panties.

A new addiction to this Manzanita Sol (Apple Soda). I also had the thought of Kyouko advertising it since you know her and apples~

Any who, I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Morning/Evening/or long pass the day now!

December 15 2013, 1pm

07. Any1 by Havana Brown || Times played:10

Very addicting it actually describe what I do 90% of the time. I sleep all day and work/chat/etc. at night. 

Havana maybe a new hype in AU and everywhere else whoever heard of her. She needs to keep at it, she’s really good!

Enjoy everyone~ <3

December 12 2013, 11pm

Always happens to that special someone. Can’t leave them alone for 1 second. ;o

December 12 2013, 2pm

"Is Kyouko the cake?"


December 11 2013, 10am

Some days I do this, some days I don’t. But to the person I do this to hope they realize they can’t get rid of me that easily. :P